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The Whole 2 Months To Try The Total Curve Risk-Free!

Try It, Use it, or Send It Back And You’ll Get Your Money Back!

Your satisfaction with the new and curved breasts is our top priority. That’s the main reason we’re backing up the product with an unparalleled guarantee in the industry:

total curve risk free

Here’s an invitation you’ve been waiting for to try something like this for 2 months risk-free. If you aren’t fully satisfied regardless of the reasons, you’re free to send back all used and unused bottles for the full refund according to our principle “no questions asked” excluding shipment and handling costs.


The Details

We’re giving you two months plus one more extra week to try it. That’s 67 days (60+7). More than enough time to see how it works. Right?

You’ll get your money back for all used products, including any unopened bottles, shipped back no later than 67 days of the initial purchase, minus shipping costs.

You don’t have to worry if you’ve already taken an advantage when it comes to our unparalleled Special Savings option when you ordered multiple systems. You are still free to try the Total Curve risk-free for two months. Just send us back the initial two sets, which include empty containers of your original 60-day order, including the additional containers you still didn’t open no later than 60+7 days of getting your order.

This means 60 days trial plus one week for sending it back. You will get your money back, minus shipping and handling costs. Again, according to our main guarantee principle - no questions asked.

Please don’t forget that you can’t send us back the containers after the 60+7-day time limit for a refund has expired. All containers have to be received by our staff within 67 days from the moment you got our initial delivery with no delays or exceptions. You also have to remember that our refunds are strictly limited: One refund to one specific order per user.

No tricks! No hidden costs! This is a fair game!

This is a win-win scenario for all of us! Don’t forget the unparalleled 100% money back guarantee.


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