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Introduced by a leading team of researchers, and evaluated through a set of rigorous laboratory and human test, the essential ingredient called - Volufiline™, has proven itself to contribute immensely to the adipose tissue volume in your breasts for more than 8%...

... Which is a noticeable increase in the overall volume of your breasts!

Let's evaluate the science behind Volufiline™ and see how this powerful ingredient performs in both human trials and laboratory tests:

Result Of Lab Test #1

Tissue Exposed To Only A One Percent Volufiline™ Concentration Can Take Up Almost 500% MORE Fat Molecules!

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Volufiline™, two lab trials were performed:

In the experiment #1, the researchers were looking for a way to measure the extra fat molecules (lipids) that our cells tend to pick up once you get exposed to Volufiline™.

For this purpose, one group of cells was isolated and then exposed to no more than 1.0% Volufiline™ concentration over a one week period. These lipids that got picked up are presented in red color.

As it can be seen from these results, the exposed cells took up almost 500% more fat molecules than the unexposed cells!


Result Of Lab Test #2

Tissue Exposed To Only A One Percent Volufiline™ Concentration Can Take Up Almost 500% MORE Fat Molecules!


The “before” illustration shows us the fat cells in red before exposure to Volufiline™.

The “after” illustration shows us the volume of the exposed fat cells after they’ve taken up the fat molecules.

As it can be seen from these results, the volume has dramatically increased. In addition, the scientists concluded that the Volufiline™ contributed to the fat cells increase for more than 500%!

The Impressive Human Trial Results Say It All:

Real Women Got The Real Results!

The lab tests were merely the first step...

We just needed to make sure that Volufiline™ works for real. That’s why a group of 32 female volunteers applied.

Every volunteer had to comply with the following conditions:

  • Between 18 and 35 years of age
  • Was able to maintain the same weight for at least 3 months
  • No pregnant or breastfeeding women were accepted
  • Stable hormone status was an absolute must

Finally, every woman participant during this trial used Volufiline™ to ONE breast, at least twice a day.

Then, all that was left to compare and measure a treated breast against the untreated one.

Here are the findings:

# Treated Side Untreated Side
Changes after 28 days (avg) 1.4% -0.1%
Best results after 28 days (8 women) 6.6% -6.4%
Changes after 56 days (avg) 2.2% 0.9%
Best results after 56 days (8 women) 8.4% -2.0%

It’s worth mentioning that 25% of participants noticed a 6.6% increase after less than a month. On the other side, an increase of 8.4% became obvious after less than two months!

Have a look at this chart, which perfectly illustrates this impressive increase:

proven in clinical trials

The conclusion just couldn’t be clearer:

Although the results may vary on an individual basis, Volufiline™ proved itself in both human studies and clinical trials of being able to “obviously” increase the volume of breasts’ fat tissue...

... Eventually resulting in sexy and impressive breasts, which now feel FIRMER and look FULLER!

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