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If you’re looking forward to improving your breasts’ volume, there are quite a few options available.

However, not all of them are efficient, painless, or affordable. Therefore, it's important to choose your best option carefully before you made the final decision.

If you take the “wrong turn”, you can easily end up with unnatural or disappointing results, including painful side-effects, and long-term complications leading to serious health issues. Eventually, the worst-case scenario includes your permanently disfigured breasts.

Don’t forget the mind blowing bills you’ll have to pay off in the years to come. So let's evaluate the so-called alternatives available to you in order to figure out how reliable and efficient they truly are:


More than 300,000 US women prefer this breast improvement alternative on a yearly level. To be quite honest, we aren’t surprised this is an extremely popular option.

The results are obvious and needless to say almost instantaneous.

Nevertheless, there’s a catch. The FDA was crystal clear about this one. These breast implants aren’t and can’t be treated as a permanent solution..

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This may come as a shock to you, but it's totally true!

Every single woman who decides to go through a breast implant surgery has to expect that at some point in time her implants will have to be entirely removed or replaced, sooner or later.

What is even worse, while replacing them, you'll have to relive all the pain, face the side-effects, and most importantly the expenses all over again. On the other side, if you decide to remove them, you’re risking permanent changes to your already compromised breasts, such as puckering, wrinkling, dimpling, or the inevitable loss of breast tissue.

Also, there’s a long list of potential complications and risks associated with your new breast implants, such as:

  • Ongoing and annoying breast pain
  • Hard and strange forms may appear around your implants
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensitivity
  • An implant can always BURST!
  • Your implants can slide around and migrate
  • It’s very hard to detect the breast cancer because of the implants
  • Breastfeeding is unfortunately no longer your available option

And how do you feel about a price between $2,500 and $5,000 you will have to pay MORE THAN ONCE? As you can see a traditional breast implant surgery is something you should be very careful about!

Did you know that silicone implants have become available in the last 4 years, following a ban, which lasted for more than 14 years?

The FDA banned these implants in 1992. Why? Well, the FDA was concerned about the serious health issues, such as cancer and lupus.

Here’s one more unpleasant surprise. Did you know that only 2 companies have the proper authorization to make silicone breast implants today? Additionally, both of them are required to complete and submit a 10-year study regarding their safety.



This is a relatively new procedure, which has been heavily self-advertised as "the very next big thing" when it comes to breast improvement alternatives.

However, you should be fully aware that this solution is mainly based on earlier procedures that were BANNED during the 1980s. Why? Well, because of the poor results. How it works.

A surgeon removes fat cells from your body and then injects that same fat back into your breasts’ tissue. As a result, you’re supposed to get a fuller look, which is more natural compared to the implants, and more importantly - permanent.

The first results were promising, but...

Fat transfer augmentation

The side effects simply couldn’t be ignored. We’re talking about an uneven skin texture, excessive bleeding, scarring, infections, and abscess. We shouldn’t also forget to mention an annoying problem of fat appearing uneven in some areas, which gives an asymmetrical appearance to your breasts.

What is even worse, if this fat is being injected into more than one area then you’re very likely of experiencing this asymmetry problem.

There are also some serious indications that this procedure could be associated with the false positives during mammogram tests because this injected fat can very often appear as a tumor. Finally, let’s not forget the costs you have to cover if you opt for this alternative.

You have to pay for both liposuction and breast augmentation AT THE SAME TIME. So, we’re talking about a price between $5,000 and $10,000 or even more! Can you afford to pay so much?

Don’t forget that this is a still new procedure. Therefore, we don’t have enough studies about the potential long-term health risks.



The enlargement pumps are undoubtedly one of the oldest options available for women who want to change something about their breasts’ volume. Is this option outdated?

Well, when it comes to breast enlargement pumps, the name itself says it all, doesn’t it? These pumps work by creating a vacuum and pressuring the targeted area. Very simple, but what about the efficiency?

This is one of the most affordable breast improvement options available for you. However, these pumps can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient to apply. In addition, you can rest assured that your breasts aren’t going to be thrilled when you use these pumps.

If you’re willing to give it a serious try then you have to wear it at least 10 hours per day, for the period of 10 weeks!

Can you imagine this scenario? You’re stuck at home with the breast pumps attached to your body. At the top of all troubles you have to go through, you need to pay $2,500, minimum!



Yes, there are still such oldie-goldie things as the padded bras and silicone inserts. Let’s face it, there's nothing efficient or natural about these “solutions”.

 cosmetic quick-fix

This is nothing more than a quick-fix cosmetic solution.

Here’s the trouble. You want and you should feel confident and look sexy in and out of your clothes!



We aren’t surprised at all that so many women are looking for natural solutions. Who can blame them, when there are so many health risks and high costs associated with the available breast improvement options.

NATURAL breast improvers

Here’s the trouble. With hundreds of creams and supplements available in the market, it’s no surprise you feel lost and confused. On the other side, these so-called "NATURAL breast improvers" lack serious and reliable human studies and clinical trials.

That's why it is so important to be able to offer a comprehensive NATURAL solution for women who want to get a sexy figure with no need to go through the countless surgeries.



This breast improvement system works perfectly in order to give you an impressive breast volume and appearance. Total Curve works totally from the INSIDE OUT!

Apply the Total Curve™ System on a daily basis and witness first-hand in the next two months how your breast tissue transforms into something impressive and beautiful.

Thanks to the Volufiline™ ingredient, which is an inevitable part of the Firming and Lifting Gel and proven in BOTH human trials and clinical studies, you can expect a stunning increase of your breast size for more than 8% in less than 2 months.

We shouldn’t forget to mention the phytoestrogens, which have a unique ability to safely mimic estrogen in order to deliver a mastogenic effect. Why? Because it is very similar to the natural breast swelling the women experience during the pregnancy period.

TOTAL CURVE is undoubtedly a SAFER and
100% NATURAL alternative for your breast improvement.

Don’t forget – You can try it for 60 days RISK-FREE!!

If you aren’t happy with the results, you’ll get your money back. It's that fair and simple.

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